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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Confessions of an Internet Pornographer gets a four star review on Goodreads !

My novel, Confessions of an Internet Pornographer, just received another four star review on 

Here it is: 

"I wondered if I would be able to admit to reading this on a public forum, but luckily it wasn't as riske' as I feared it might be and so I was a) able to finish reading it and b) able to admit reading it.
It was what I'd hoped for, the story of a guy desperate to drag himself and his family out of poverty with the pipe dream of creating a .com website.
There were some graphic scenes in it, but they are brushed over with a 'professional' eye. I read it as if it were based on a true story, in which made a far more fascinating read.
Now I know it's not, it takes a little sparkle away from it, I don't know if I would have enjoyed it as much had I twigged earlier on. Even so, I enjoyed the story, it gets marked down for occasional typos and the uncertainty factor, but the rest of the stars are for the story."

 What this reader does not realize, and I forgot to mention on, is that Confessions of an Internet Pornographer is fiction inspired by a true story! Thank you for reading my novel and taking the time to write your review.

Luis Mario

Monday, March 28, 2016

What is your story really about?

     What is your YA, horror or sci-fi story really trying to say? What message about life are you trying to convey? My brother Carlos is also a writer, and it was  one of our discussions that led me today’s topic: What is your book really about?

     Jaws was a movie about a killer shark terrorizing a small sea side town, right? Or was it really about one man’s obsession and another’s sense of duty. Is Apocalypse Now a movie about Vietnam, or the cruelty and bravery of men?

     It made me wonder what my book was about. I think the first part of my book is about Jose’s desperation to get his family out of the Bronx and give them a better life. But after he becomes successful, it's about greed; he wanted a big house, now he wants a mansion! 

     So what is your book or short story about? Is it a story about a Civil War soldier enduring the hardships of battle - or is it about hatred, love, greed or patriotism? And remember to make the actions of your characters reflect the sin, heroism, or vice you are trying to display. 
     Put the stories message  in your working title, or on a sticky note on the computer screen, to remind what you are really writing about. Your characters and situations are all just symbols to illustrate your stories true meaning. Good luck! 

As for now, I return to writing into the wind.


Luis Mario